The Heart of New England
Celebrating the unique character & culture of Maine ~ New Hampshire ~ Vermont
Writers' Guidelines
Thank you for inquiring about freelance writing opportunities with The Heart of
New England, a weekly online magazine that celebrates the unique character and
culture of the northern New England states:
Maine, New Hampshire and

Our goal is to provide high quality and original stories about travel, gardening,
the arts, New England-made products, and food, written by northern New
Englanders (or those who have spent a lot of time in these states).  We truly
believe northern New England is a special place to live, work or visit and your
story needs to reflect an appreciation and knowledge of the region and its

(Writers are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the free weekly newsletter.)

Payment for all stories is $15 upon publication.  
Stories can be reprints or originals; 500-1000 words, maximum. Your article will
always remain online in The Heart of New England archives for as long as the
magazine exists after it is published in the current issue.   
Author retains all
rights, electronic and print.

Please note: we accept and encourage reprint story submissions (particularly
stories that first appeared in northern New England newspapers or other
publications) provided that the rights belong to you.

We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.  
Please query the editor first by email at
before writing or turning in your story.  

In your query, please provide your name, address, email, phone number, along
with a short paragraph outlining your story idea, and a short bio.  
We will get back to you as soon as possible – usually within a month.

Do not send attachments to your query – they will be deleted.  

Attachments when the story idea is approved are fine.

We are open to good stories for any of the pages however, we have an ongoing
need for stories for the following pages:

Life in New England

Travel Stories Guidelines
We are looking for freelance travel writers for off-the-beaten path travel stories in
northern New England - about 500-1000 (max) words on a place the writer has
visited (and loved!) in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont. Lots of detail, first
person account is fine.  Your ties to northern New England (a resident, frequent
vacationer, grandparents live in area, etc.)explained in story.  We want a folksy,
down-to-earth feel to the piece. Your love of the place you are writing about
needs to shine through!

Life in Northern New England Guidelines
There is a wide range here – from humor to essays to how-to’s. Please see Life in
New England to get an idea of the stories we publish. Please pitch your ideas,
but remember, it has to relate to
northern New England (Maine, New Hampshire
or Vermont)

Digital photos in JPEG file much appreciated (or a contact with a chamber of
commerce or other organization that can provide a photo for online use if you do
not have a photo).

Thank you for your interest in writing for The Heart of New England and I
look forward to reading your stories!

Marcia Passos Duffy
Publisher & Editor
The Heart of New England online magazine
©The Heart of New England online magazine
...celebrating the unique character & culture of Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont!
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