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The Vermont Country Store
Makes the Past Come Alive
By Kassidy Emmerson

The Vermont Country Store began as a
brick-and-mortar store in the 1940's.
The Orton Family still owns and operates
2 physical stores, as well as a website.
On my list of "Places to Visit Someday"
are two addresses: 657 Main Street, Weston,
Vermont and 1292 Rockingham Road,
Rockingham, Vermont, their two locations.

I would love to walk into these stores and breathe in the alluring aromas of the
past. But for those of us living far away from Vermont, you can easily visit online
and browse through their many departments.

Main Category Tabs

One of the nice things about browsing through The Vermont Country Store
online is, it's as easy as visiting one of their physical stores. Just like walking
through the different departments, all you have to do is click on the main
category tabs to navigate your way around. There are currently 6 tabs:
Apothecary, Apparel, Food & Candy, For the Home, Yankee Bargains, and New
This Spring.   


Being that I'm a firm believer in the healing power of some old-time remedies,
the Apothecary is a favorite department of mine. There you can find such proven
favorites as Cola Syrup, Ginger Syrup, Cod Liver Oil and Smiths Brothers Throat
Drops. Even though The Vermont Country Store makes the past come alive by
offering customers hard-to-find items from yesteryear, you'll also find herbal and
natural products like Clear Lungs, Wart Wonder and Bio-Ear.    

In the Apothecary section, you'll also find SweetHeart Soap, which is one of the
first beauty bars. This store also stocks Lifebuoy, which is the "World's First
Deodorant Soap", available in its original color and fragrance.  

The Vermont Country Store sells a wide variety of products in their Apothecary
section, including Hair Care, Fragrances, Powders, Diabetic Aids, Foot Care, and
more. Some of these items I can remember using when I was a child. Other
products I remember my mother talking about using. Just seeing them again
takes me back in time when life was simpler.


In this section, you'll find vintage favorites like long underwear, nightshirts and
Muumuu's. The Vermont Country Store offers "One-Piece Footed PJs" for men.
These flannel and sweatshirt fleece pajamas claim to "Keep You Warm from
Head to Toe". I have no doubts they do. They come with a buttoned drop seat for,
um, taking care of business. For the ladies, this store offers Flannel Granny
Gowns with Flannel Sleep Caps.

But you'll also find more modern apparel like Alfred Dunner brand Polyester
and Denim Pants, footless tights, shoes and slippers for men and women, slips,
underwear, socks, and much more.        

Food & Candy

If you have an overactive sweet tooth like I do, and you miss your favorite
old-time candies, visit the "Food and Candy" section at The Vermont Country
Store. Read the descriptions and look at the pictures, and you'll almost smell the
Horehound Drops, Bit-O-Honey Bars, Peppermint Puffs, Clark's Teaberry Gum
and Brach's Sundaes Neapolitan Coconuts. The Food & Candy section also carries
licorice, candy bars, jams, soups, desserts, Espresso beans and many more items
you're sure to enjoy.  

For the Home

This is a true story. I inherited a white chenille bedspread with brightly-colored
peacocks on it. The peacocks didn't match my bedroom decor, but I still loved
this charming heirloom. However, the bedspread is king-size, which didn't fit my

Imagine my surprise when I was browsing around The Vermont Country Store
website, and I found a reproduction of the chenille peacock bedspread! Even
more surprising is the story behind these bedspreads. According to the website,
"From the 1930s through '50s, a 50-mile stretch of Georgia highway was dubbed
Peacock Alley for the bright, colorful handmade chenille bedspreads hung for
sale on clotheslines..."

You can imagine how thrilled I was to be able to store the original bedspread and
order a full-size duplicate I can use!

You can also find everything from bakeware and cookware, to rugs, linens,
candles, towels, and many other items.

Yankee Bargains

Just like it suggests, this is the category you want to visit to find specials,
marked-down merchandise, and bargains on selected items.

As their website proclaims, The Vermont Country Store is indeed "Purveyors of
the Practical & Hard-To-Find. Whatever household item it is you're seeking, I
recommend you visit one of their physical stores or their website.   

*All product names are trademarked by their respective companies.