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Vermont's Artisan Cheeses
By Lynn Smythe

“The word artisan or artisanal implies that a cheese is produced primarily by hand, in small
batches, with particular attention paid to the tradition of the cheese maker's art, and thus using
as little mechanization as possible in the production of the cheese."  -American Cheese Society

Vermont has the largest number of artisan cheese makers per capita in the United
States. Artisan cheeses are not mass produced in factories. Made from sheep, goat or
cow's milk artisan cheeses are made in small quantities, primarily by hand, from
fresh, locally available ingredients. Farmstead cheese refers to artisan cheeses that
are made with milk obtained on site from the cheese maker's own flock or herd of
sheep, goats or cows.

Artisan and farmstead cheeses are available at local farmer's markets, specialty
stores, farm stands and orchards. Many artisan cheeses can also be purchased
directly from the producer either by visiting their farm in person or by visiting their

Crowley Cheese Co.
14 Crowley Road
Healdville VT 05758

Operating since 1882 Crowley Cheese is the oldest continuously operated cheese
producer in the United States. They produce Colby cheese made from cow's milk.
This company is open to the public from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.

Frog City Cheese
106 Messer Hill Road
Plymouth Notch VT 05056

You can visit this business daily from 9:30 AM to 5 PM from Memorial Day through
the end of October. Frog City Cheese produces a granular curd cheese from cow's
milk which is similar to but not the same as cheddar cheese. They create over 7
flavors of this cheese including garlic, rosemary and red pepper.

Jasper Hill Farm
PO Box 72
Greensboro, VT

Jasper Hill Farm produces an authentic farmstead cheese using milk from their own
herd of Aryshire cows. This family owned business currently makes three varieties
of cheese; a blue cheese, a cheddar-like cheese and their Constant Bliss which is a
mold-ripened soft cheese.

Twig Farm
2575 South Bingham Street
West Cornwall, VT 05778

This company makes farmstead cheese using milk from their own herd of goats.
They also make an artisan cheese with a blend of goat milk and cow milk which is
obtained from nearby farms. Their cheeses can be purchased at select locations
including Farmstead in Providence, RI and Bedford Cheese Shop in Brooklyn, NY.
Their cheese is also available for sale on Saturdays during the summer at the
Middlebury Vermont Farmer's Market.

The Woodstock Water Buffalo, LLC
PO Box 295
South Woodstock, VT 05071

This is one of the only companies in the United States, and the only one in Vermont,
making artisan cheese from water buffalo milk. They make mozzarella cheese and
11 flavors of fresh yogurt from water buffalo milk. This farm is open to visitors from
10 AM to 2 PM Monday through Friday. Directions to their farm can be found on
their website. This farm and its concepts was developed as a model of sustainable

About the author: Lynn Smythe is a freelance writer and jewelry artist. Her writing projects
cover a variety of areas including organic gardening, herbal folklore and cooking along with
various art and craft topics.
photo source: Wikipedia
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