Stowe Vermont: A Traveler's Perspective
By David Briant

There are many concerns when a traveler visits an unknown area: Will the
hotel be of good quality? Will the restaurants satisfy the whole family? Will
there be things to do? And, are the people friendly?

All of these concerns do not apply to the area of Stowe, Vermont. This area
exceeds the list with quality of food, accommodations, things to do, shopping,
great people, and it is all surrounded by fabulous mountain scenery.

While traveling through Vermont some years ago on a summer road trip I
stopped in Stowe for the weekend. I was so impressed by the great food,
breath taking landscapes, and fabulous people that I wanted to live there.

The two Bed and Breakfast places were more like mini hotels with
comfortable beds and a good breakfast selection. Restaurants were designed
to blend in with the quiet Vermont landscape; even the local McDonalds
looked more like a local home on the outside in terms of color and design.

Stowe is the headquarters for Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, which I did not realize
until actually standing in front of the building. A tour was not available as it
was the weekend. However, the ice-cream from the store tasted great on a hot
summer day.

The scenery traveling throughout Vermont is awe inspiring. There are places
where one can pull over to the side of the road and look down on a vast sea of
green trees stretching off into the distance. There’s a feeling of wanting to pull
up a rocking chair and watch the relaxing hills and valleys for hours but then
one would miss the rest of the spectacular views Vermont has to offer.

In Stowe there is a mountain called "Smuggler's Notch". This is a mountain
that can only be driven up during the summer months. The roadway twists
and winds and the top is split into two allowing vehicles to pass through. It
was quite a sight to be able to reach what was thought to be the top only to
look up and see both sides of the split peak jutting upwards for another 75

What impressed me the most about Stowe was the friendliness of its people. A
man walking his dog said hello and stopped to chat with me, a stranger.
While walking across the road a woman riding her bike also said hello. This
startled me when she said this then I realized that this was not only her nature
but that of the people of Stowe, Vermont. What ever tensions I had when I
arrived disappeared after the first day.

In other states they boast about who is king of the hill. In Vermont they quietly
show it. While driving along the highway I looked up and sitting on top of a
small low mountain was a snow plow. This said to me that in Vermont the
snow plow is king.

After two days in Stowe I reluctantly had to leave. As I headed west I stopped
in Burlington Vermont. Although this was a city compared to Stowe the
beauty of its people was no different than in Stowe. I have not been back to
Vermont however I do have a large poster on my wall that reminds me of this
beautiful state and its people every time I look at it.

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About the author:
David Briant lives in Canada and is a freelance writer who specializes in high
technology, family and Christian writing.
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Stowe, Vermont
A Traveler's Perspective

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