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When Visiting Vermont ...
Don't Miss the Norman Rockwell Museum in Rutland

The Norman Rockwell Museum of Rutland, Vermont, houses a nationally
recognized collection of Norman Rockwell's art and commemorates Norman
Rockwell's Vermont years and the entire span and diversity of his career (1911-

This chronological display of more than 2,500 Norman Rockwell magazine
covers, advertisements, calendars, and other published works shows Rockwell's
development as an illustrator and links his work to the political, economic, and
cultural history of the United States.

Americans first knew and loved Norman Rockwell’s art as it appeared on and
between the covers of America’s most popular magazines. These magazine
covers, advertisements, and illustrations are at the heart of the Rutland museum

The Saturday Evening Post covers, which most people are familiar with,
represent a fraction of Rockwell’s art. He also painted covers for such forgotten
magazines as Judge, Leslie’s, The Literary Digest, The Country Gentleman, and
a host of others.

Though Rockwell loved doing these covers, his bread-and-butter was his
advertising. He received twice as much for an ad as he did for a cover, and his
art sold products as diverse as socks and steel.

Illustrators of Rockwell's day were respected for their knowledge of public taste.
For the most part, the companies left it to Rockwell's discretion as to how to sell
their goods or services.

The Norman Rockwell Museum of Rutland, Vermont, was established in 1976. It
is located in Rutland at the crosswords of Vermont on Route 4, 2 miles East of
Route 7. Open daily, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The Museum's Gift Shop has a wide
selection of Norman Rockwell art for purchase: prints, figurines, plates, Boy
Scout prints, Saturday Evening Post covers, and more.

For more information visit
The Norman Rockwell Museum.