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The Covered Bridges of Vermont

Vermont is known to have the most covered bridges per square mile than any
other location in the world.  (It is second in total number of bridges to
Pennsylvania)  You can plan your search for covered bridges by the counties of
Vermont.  There are 12 counties in the state, all of which have a few notable

Addison County

Addison County has many bridges in its vicinity, throughout its towns of
Cornwall, Ferrisburgh, Middlebury and Shoreham.  The most popular bridges in
the location include the
Station Bridge, the privately owned Spade Farm Bridge,
Paper Mill Bridge, the Halpin Bridge and the Rutland Railroad, one of two
railroad bridges still standing.  

Bennington County

In Bennington County, there are a few bridges scattered throughout the towns of
Bennington, Sunderland and Arlington.  Some notable bridges include the
or Locust Grove, the Henry Bridge and the Chiselville Bridge.  The West
Arlington Bridge is also known as the
Bridge at the Green.

Caldedonia County

Caldedonia County’s six major bridges are scattered in two towns: Danville and
London.  Most bridges in this county were built in the latter part of the 1800s,
including the
Greenbanks Hollow, the Schoolhouse Bridge, the Miller's Run
, the Whitcomb Bridge and the Sanborn, or Center Bridge.  The mystery
among this bunch continues to be the
Randall or Burrington Bridge, which has
no official construction date recorded.

Chittenden County

Chittenden County has three areas good for bridge watching: Shelburne,
Westford and Charlotte.  The best bridges in the area are the
Lakeshore Bridge,
Lower Bridge or Quinlan, the Upper Bridge, the Museum Bridge, and the
Brown's River Bridge.  The oldest among these bridges is the Westford, dating
back to 1837.  

Connecticut River Bridges

There are also three bridges crossing the Connecticut River, which cover both
borders of Vermont and New Hampshire.  They are the
Lemington, the
Lunenburg and the Windsor, the longest covered bridge in the country,
spanning 465 feet total.

Franklin County

Franklin County has nine bridges, including the Hopkins Bridge, Maple Street
, East Fairfield Bridge, Blackfalls Bridge, Comstock Bridge, West Hill
, Longley Bridge, Hectorville Bridge and Hutchins Bridge.  

Lamoille County

Lamoille County has even more bridges, thirteen total, scattered from Belvidere
to Wolcott.  Lamoille’s most bridges notable bridges include
Mill, Morgan,
Gates Farm, Poland, Grist Mill, Power House, Scribner, Red, Emily’s, Village,
Montgomery, Jaynes and Fisher.  

Orange County
Orange County counts eleven bridges, five in Tunbridge alone including the
Howe, Spring Road, Cilley, Larkin and Flint.  

Orleans County

Orleans County only has three bridges though the River Road Bridge in Troy,
Lower Coventry Bridge and Orne Bridge.

Rutland County

Rutland County has nine bridges total, three of which are located in Pittsford,
including the
Cooley Bridge, the Hammond Bridge and the Gorham Bridge.  

Washington County

Washington County counts eleven bridges its own, most of which are to be
found in Northfield.  The most antiquated bridge is the
Big Eddy, built in 1833,
while the
Slaughter House Bridge and Warren Bridge have the most interesting

Windham County

Windham County has eleven major bridges, all of which have origins in the 19th
century.  The most popular bridge sites include the
Creamery Bridge, the West
Dummerston Bridge
, the Victorian Bridge and the Scott Bridge in Townshend

Windsor County

There are eleven covered bridges in Windsor County including the Lincoln
build the same year of Abraham Lincoln’s death, and the Baltimore
in Springfield.  

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