What to Know
if You Want to Ice Fish in Maine
by Blake Allen

In Maine, ice fishing is a standard winter activity. Every winter, you'll find
dedicated fishermen (and women) hauling their equipment out on the ice of
lakes and ponds, drilling holes in the ice, and setting up for the duration, hoping
to catch fresh fish.

Locals and tourists alike ice fish, and you'd be amazed to find out that some of
the biggest fish are caught in the winter.

Follow the Ice Fishing Rules

Like any other form of hunting or fishing, there are rules and regulations you
need to know about if you're planning to ice fish in Maine. Look up the
regulations you need according to the county you are planning on fishing in.
Each pond and lake may have slightly different rules, so make sure you
understand the rules for your choice of destinations.

For the most part, ice fishing season is open from January 1 to March 31.

Shelters Have Rules Too

There are some exceptions that open as soon as the ice is thick enough. Find out
what your limits are for the fish you want to catch. If you're using an ice fishing
shelter, there are regulations about that, too.

Maine sponsors two days each winter where you can ice fish for free.This way
you can try out ice fishing to see if you like it without spending the money for a
fishing license.

Start with a Guide

If you've never been ice fishing in Maine, you may want to start out with a guide.
Your guide will help you find a safe patch of ice, and help you get set up so you
can successfully catch your fish. This may be the best introduction to Maine ice

There are a couple different ways you can approach ice fishing. The first is where
you get an auger and drill your own hole, set up your equipment, and set a spell,
waiting for the fish. This can be done with or without a shelter.

The second way is to utilize holes dug by other fishermen the day or two before.
You'll need to be able to break the thin layer of ice that has formed before you
can dip your hook.

Some fishermen who use this technique only wait ten to twenty minutes before
moving on to another hole if they don't catch anything.

If you're into competition, there are several Maine ice fishing tournaments every
year. You can enter the tournament either as an individual, or as a family. You
must fish in certain areas only at designated times. Different fish species have
different limits, both for number of fish and weight.

For those not directly involved in the tournament, there are other activities they
may find amusing; if not to participate in, at least to watch.

Some of these activities may include: Nordic walking, the Polar ice dip where
participants don a swimming suit and jump in the icy water, a children's fishing
tournament and a snowshoe race.

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Ice Fishing in Maine

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