Travels with Bufford
White Mountains

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New Hampshire
Travels with Bufford:
Valentine's Day in White Mountains, NH

by Bufford

Hi.  My name’s Bufford and I travel around seeing things and meeting people
with my wife Beatrice.  We get around in our Homer, homer ‘way from home
motor home.  

Now, we like Homer-ing just as much  in the winter as any other time of year.  
And we like to go to the
White Mountains of New Hampshire.  On both ends of
the Kangamagus Highway that goes from east to west and west to east through
the mountains there’s campgrounds that stay open all year and get plowed so
you can use them. You don’t even have to pay extra because it’s winter.   

On the Lincoln side is the
Hancock Campground which is along the
Pemigewasset River and on the other, the Conway side, is
Campground which is near the Albany Covered Bridge which goes over the Swift
River.  There’s also
Apple Hill campground in Bethlehem, NH what stays open
all year round.  The folks that own it are real nice and lot’s of snowmobilers go
there. At the top of Franconia Notch there’s a campground by Echo Lake that
stays open all winter and you can plug in to electricity at that one.

There’s just something special about being out in the winter.  There aren’t many
folks around and everything is so quiet and white.  Our Homer has a real good
propane furnace so we stay nice and warm even if it’s below zero outside.  We
can go for a walk or go snowshoeing and instead of getting into a cold car
afterwards, we go into our nice, warm, cozy Homer.

Now one thing about winter is the holidays…Christmas, New Years, and
Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is the only one of those left so I think I’ll talk about it. It’s
supposed to be when this Cupid fella flies around, wearing next to nothing,
shooting people with arrows and that’s supposed to make them fall in love with
someone else.  

Now where did all that come from?  If I did that I’d be arrested.  Folks would be
yelling “Run! Bufford has a bow and arrow!!!”   Besides, I can’t fly.  So someone
must have thought all this up because it didn’t just happen. Personally, I think
the folks that run the card, chocolate, and flower companies got together and
thought all this up after they’d had a few too many.  And we fell for it didn’t we?  

Any way, it’s here to stay and we men best pay attention to it if we know what’s
good for us.

Now me and the Beatrice were up there in the White Mountains one winter, on
the Kancamagus Highway staying at the Blackberry campground.  We had gone
for a walk to look at the
Albany Covered Bridge that’s on the other side of the
road.  It’s nice in the winter when the red roof  is covered with white snow and
the river is covered with snow and ice.  Did you know that the bridge was built
all by hand because there was no such thing as electricity then?  And that covered
bridges are covered so the snow and rain stay off the bridge and they lasts longer?

After we got back to the Homer from walking around the Beatrice cooked us a
fine dinner, which we ate.  We sat and talked for a spell and then it was getting
late so we got ready to go to bed and then we went to bed.  But we didn’t go to
sleep right away,  we watched a few old Green Acres shows on the DVD on our
TV while we snuggled in our warm bed, in our warm Homer with the New
Hampshire cold outside.  

I turned to the Beatrice and said, “Happy Valentines Day Beatrice” because it was
Valentines Day, and she said “Happy Valentines Day, Bufford” and we were

I guess love is a warm Beatrice in a warm Homer on a cold winter night in the
White Mountains of New Hampshire.

So winterize your Homer and go this winter... oh,  and happy Valentines day to
you.  If you see me and the Beatrice up there in the mountains be sure to say

About Bufford:

Bufford (who is fast becoming a New Hampshire icon) likes to take pictures and
write stories about his adventures traveling around New England in his Homer.  
If you spot him (and you can’t miss him!), make sure you say hello.  

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