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Heart-to-Heart Profile:

Suerae Stein
Photo-Graphic Design
112 Wellington Drive
Spofford, NH 03462

Suerae Stein

Impressionist Art...
from Photography

Suerae, owner of Suerae Stein
Photo-Graphic Design, creates
artistically redesigned photography and prints these works of art on canvas,
note cards, porcelain ornaments and ceramic tiles. Suerae works from her
original photography or she can create custom works of art with other’s

The Heart of New England recently interviewed Suerae about her work and her
life in New Hampshire.

These are quite beautiful works of art that look like impressionist paintings...
but is actually photography. Did you invent this technique?

I learned this artistic technique accidentally while playing with my digital
camera and several different computer software programs. Although it is not
patented, I have found it to be unique in this area.

What inspired you to create your business?

The beauty of my surroundings and how I could capture and share that with
others inspired me to start my business. The reactions of those who see my work
for the first time fuel that inspiration. And the endless possibilities of this
exciting medium will keep me inspired for years to come.

What is the process in which you create these photo-graphic designs?

I start with my photography (or other’s if
commissioned) and I take the pictures
through a computer graphic design process
in which I work with different painted
effects and play with color hues and
saturation. Each piece is individually
crafted and requires different techniques
to enhance its beauty. Portraits require
a realistic painted effect, while landscapes
look best in a more dramatic impressionist
style. I print the canvases myself and
hand-seal each one with a UV protective
coating. I also print the note cards
in-house, while I sub-contract the printing
of the tiles and ornaments.

What did you do before you started this business?

I started this business in 2005.  Before that I was a graphic designer for
newspapers and magazines.

What are your most popular creations at the moment?

At holiday time custom holiday cards and ornaments are big sellers. I find that
my products sell differently in different venues: Framed and unframed canvases
do well at art shows, while note cards, ornaments and tiles are popular for
wholesale distribution in specialty gift shops. All my products are popular for
commissioned work.

What do people commission you to do the most?

It is a wide variety - I have worked on people’s kids, parents, pets, businesses
and houses. I would say portraits of family members are the most popular.

What do your customers most like about your art work?

They like the originality of my work. Also, the fact that I can work on their
photographs makes it so personal. My work has the look and quality of a
painting, yet it is more affordable and available on more products.

Who purchases your work and where can interested buyers find your work?

My work is readily available on my website for both
retail and wholesale customers
I also sell wholesale through
which has distributed my work to more than 30 retail
stores nationwide. Locally (in New Hampshire),
my work is available at Hannah Grimes Marketplace,
Pocket Full of Rye, The North Gallery, Homeward
Designs, Paper and Roses, Harvest Thyme Herbs and
several other New Hampshire and Vermont retailers.
I am also a member of New Hampshire Made. I have
participated in Keene Art in the Park, The Big E and
other local shows, and I recently completed an exhibit
in Boston. People have also ordered from me personally
through phone calls or email.

What was the most unusual piece you have done?

I made some Bar Mitzvah invitations using a wonderful photograph of the boy
on a beach as a background for the invitation. I also made matching thank-you
cards and a poster.

Tell us a little about the area in New Hampshire where your business is

I live in a beautiful small town  in the Monadnock region. Our town has a great
school, a lovely lake, and a scenic gorge for hiking.

What are some “can’t miss” attractions in the area?

Mount Monadnock, Keene's Main Street, all the covered bridges in the area, the
Chesterfield Gorge, Spofford Lake, Hannah Grimes Marketplace, Alyson’s
Orchard, all the back roads in the fall, I could go on and on...

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

I enjoy skiing, kayaking and going to my kids' school
and sports activities. I’m in a book club and a Bunco

To learn more about Suerae and her unique photo-
graphic work, visit her Web site at  

To purchase prints of her work, you can also visit
Suerae's gallery here on The Heart of New England:
Suerae Stein's Gallery.
Suerae Stein's photo-graphic design work -- A Winter's Solitude
Suerae Stein's line of photo-graphic designed products
Tiled Frame, by Suerae Stein
Suerae Stein
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