New England Winters

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The Heart of New England
Toss another log on the Yankee fire!
by Marcia Passos Duffy
A New England Winter

Near the end of a bitterly cold New England
winter , conversation is reduced to just one-liners, followed by a nod of
recognition and mutual sympathy.  It goes something like this:

“Can’t stand it anymore.”

“When will it end?”

“This is terrible.”

If you’re actually outside having this Weather conversation, words are not
necessary, just a dramatic shrug underneath your bundle of down parka and
face mask is all that is needed.

To say it’s been a cold winter is an understatement.  My outside thermometer
registered temps as low as 30 below in February, that’s below zero I mean.  No
accounting for wind chill.  

A record-breaking winter?  Hmm, sure felt like it.  But I called the Northeast
Regional Climate Center to get the definitive word.  They have been tracking
this sort of thing since 1948 (and even farther back in some cities to the 1800s).  

I talked to Kathryn Vreeland, a climatologist at the center which is based at
Cornell University in Ithaca, NY who said, “It’s been a cold winter, but we’ve
had worse.” Like 1994 and 1977, for instance.  She said outlook going into
March was still “below normal” for Northern New England, but after that,
things looked uncertain. “We have something that’s called ‘persistence’ in
climatology,” she said.  Which just means, in this case, when there’s been a
pattern of cold weather you can assume it will continue until something knocks
it out.  “I just hope it gets knocked out by summer,” she said.

Me too.

Stay warm & happy…spring is coming!

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