Travels with Bufford:
North Conway, New Hampshire

Hi, my name’s Bufford and I travel around in my homer which is my motor
homer away from home. Me and my wife, the Beatrice, just go around seeing
things and meeting people.

Not long ago the Beatrice and I was Homering through North Conway, New
Hampshire and just had to stop cause we figured there was things to see and do
there so we stopped and saw and did them.  

Now, right there in the middle of town there’s an old railroad station, like from
the old days. You can’t help but see it so make sure you go over and take a look
the trains like I did. The depot’s real pretty and has a railroad museum in it. If
you like riding trains you can ride the train all the way to Crawford Notch from
there if you want. You can even get a meal served on the train.  

Now me and the Beatrice, we didn’t ride the train but when we were coming
down through the Crawford Notch one time and we sure saw where it went!
Sometimes it was right next to the highway, sometimes it even went under the
highway, sometimes it was out in the woods and sometimes it was crossing
bridges way high up on the side of  a mountain.  Don’t look down!!  Just kidding,
I sure would just to see the view so we’ll take the ride someday.

After visiting the trains we noticed a lot of real nice shops to shop in.  So we
shopped in the shops and saw lots of nice and interesting things but the shop we
shopped in that we liked best was Zeb’s.

Before we got there the Beatrice saw the sign outside what said “Zeb’s” so she
asked what’s a “Zeb’s” and I said I didn’t know what it was but I had a good idea
who owned it, probably some fella name of Zeb. Turns out I was wrong since
dead men don’t own stores. Now it’s named after some old guy named Zeb and
they got a fake Zeb right there by the stairway inside the store but he’s not real
‘cause the real Zeb died a long time ago.  Don’t let fake Zeb scare you and don’t
start askin’ him where things are in the store or folks will look at you strange like
they did me.  He’s just sitting there with his pointy finger stuck out so I just had
to pull it being of a curious nature.  I didn’t get quite the result I had expected, he
just started talking about the store!!

The Zebs store is just like an old fashioned type of
general store right down to the floor that hasn’t
been painted in years, maybe never.  Now, in
there you’ll find hot sauces, pickled everythings,
post cards and photographs of New Hampshire,
soaps, and all kinds of stuffs.  We figure there’s
something in there for everyone so’s everyone can
bring home something from New Hampshire.

As me and the Beatrice walked in we saw right
there on the right a big old fashioned candy
counter just like in the old days, with all kinds
of candy in it.  So we bought some.

We had a great time looking at all the fixins and
stuff and then we left with our candy we had
bought for gifts and headed for the Homer.

In North Conway there is sort different ways to shop.  There’s the small shops for
shopping and then there’s the outlet shops for shopping.  Beatrice likes both so
we went to lots of store in the outlets too.  We found stores for kids, shoe stores,
stores with more things for your house than we every thought of, there’s even a
store with nothing but kitchen stuffs.

We went into lots of stores and the folks working in them there were all happy
and just smiling and laughing.  In fact it seems that most people in the stores we
went in were the same.  I like to see happy people, it makes me smile and when I
smile at people they always seem to smile back.  The Beatrice says it’s my good
looks and charming personality.  I like to think she’s right.

The Beatrice likes Chinese food and we were looking through the mall and we
saw The Panda Garden Chinese restaurant right across from the movie theater so
we figured we should try it.  We looked but couldn’t find a garden or pandas
either so don’t you go looking when you visit ‘cause we already did it for you.  

We sat down and the Beatrice, she ordered some General So-So or something like
that and I got some low-mein and they were both great.  They got a nice buffet too
but we’ll get that next time. The folks workin’ there was real friendly and we just
liked being there so now we always go back when we’re in the area because it’s
our favorite Chinese restaurant now.

After we got done eating the waiter feller brought us fortune cookies.  Those are
cookies with pieces of paper in them that tell your future and stuff.  I looked at
mine and the Beatrice asked what it said.  I told her it said we was going to the
Wal-Mart.  She no it didn’t ‘cause fortune cookies don’t say such things and I said:
“It says right here on this piece of paper that I’m getting some new clothes and we
both know I buy my overalls at the Wal-Mart and they got one here in town too.”

So that was what happened in North Conway in New Hampshire. After we left
North Conway we headed south on route 16.  We saw a sign on the side of the
road in Chocorua what said The Red Barn Marketplace. We figured it was named
that cause it’s a marketplace in a big red barn.  I probably would have named it
the same thing myself.  

Well, you walk up the stairs and there’s all kinds of nice things in there.  You can
hear loons a callin’ to you from the back room, and find all sorts of things for your
home and gifts to bring back home that you can’t find anywhere else. Be sure to
look upstairs when you’re there too. And you know what else you can find there
that you can’t find anywhere else?  Tom and Chris Fleece, the owners.  Now they
were so nice and friendly with me and the Beatrice and they let the Beatrice take a
picture of the three of us.  

Now all this talk about shopping and gifts
made me think about last Christmas when
Me and the Beatrice got together with my
brother Willie and my sister Daffodill at
Daffodill’s farm in Roxbury.  Daffodill’s
house was all nice and warmed by the
wood stove and her husband was there
and Willie’s wife too and there’s
something about Christmas that makes
it so special and that’s family getting

So like most families we gave each other gifts and talked about last year.  I gave
Willie a book and he and Daffodill both thought it was such a nice gift that Willie
read it to everyone right there. Yup, Willie can read too. We enjoyed the story
and it was a special moment for my family.  So after we had the Beatrice take a
picture of  Me, Daffodill, and Wille with the book.  

I hope you get together with your family and tell them Merry Christmas or
Happy Holidays from  Bufford.

About Bufford:

Bufford (who is fast becoming a New Hampshire icon) likes to take pictures and
write stories about his adventures traveling around New Hampshire in his
Homer.  If you spot him while visiting  New Hampshire (and you can’t miss
him!), make sure you say hello.  And you can always write to him at (he loves fan mail).  Make sure you check out Bufford's line
of greeting cards at Zebs in North Conway, New Hampshire!

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