Run, Turkey, Run! by New
Hamphsire Author,Diane
Mayr, illustrated by Laura
Rader (Bloomsbury/Walker:
cloth, 32 pages, $16.85.)

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Run, Turkey, Run! by Diane Mayr, illustrated by Laura Rader
(Bloomsbury/Walker: cloth, 32 pages, $16.85.)

Book Review by Rebecca Rule

Happy Thanksgiving, coming right up.  Happy unless you’re a turkey. That’s the
premise of Salem, NH resident Diane Mayr’s new book,
Run, Turkey, Run!

With the help of Laura Rader’s countrified illustrations, Mayr drops in on a farm
family, busy baking pies and chopping veggies on the day before Thanksgiving.  
The farmer clomps ominously into the yard carrying a burlap sack, which worries
Turkey.  “Run, Turkey, run!”  Now Turkey’s a fugitive, whose attempts to elude
the farmer take them on a wild chase all over the farm.

Oh, see the pigpen?
If Turkey rolls in the mud,
will the farmer think he’s a pig?

The simple but dramatic text (this is, after all, a life-and-death situation) suits very
young children. The pictures,  including the one of a mud-covered turkey
observed by three bemused pigs, are laugh-out-loud funny.

Turkey makes like a duck in the pond, with the increasingly frustrated farmer in
“splishity-splash” pursuit.  In the barn, Turkey buries his head in the feed bucket
so the farmer will think he’s a horse.  (Like that’s gonna work.) Turkey’s not the
brightest bird on the farm, but he’s highly motivated.  I don’t want to give away
the ending, but it’s a happy one.  Of course!

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About the book reviewer:
Rebecca Rule is a humorist, author and storyteller, who is the author of two
collections of short fiction, including The Best Revenge, winner of the NH Writers
Project award for fiction.
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