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The Heart of New England
Celebrating the unique character & culture of Maine ~ New Hampshire ~ Vermont
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How to Participate in The Heart of New England's Giveaway Advertising

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To participate in The Heart of New England's monthly giveaway you must have a
product or service that is made in (or related to) the northern New England states
of Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont.

The giveaway will be showcased on the
Prize Page for one whole season (3
months) and featured weekly in our newsletter.  This is a $300+ value!

To participate please email the editor (
Marcia Duffy) and specify the following:

Name of Business
Your Name and Email
Business Web Site
Telephone Number

Prize you will give away (prizes range anywhere from $10 to $ is up to you
what you want to give away).  

Description of the prize and retail value.

Photo of the prize (or a link to a Web page where a photo of the prize is
located...we can lift the picture from there).

Readers will email The Heart of New England with the entries.  We will randomly
pick the winner at the end of the month and email you the winner's contact

You will handle the shipping/delivery of the prize to the giveaway winner
directly.  Delivery of the prize must occur within 30 days of the winner's

the cost of the prize and shipping.  You must handle any taxes, shipping and
handling on all prizes.

PLEASE: If you have no intentions of sending a prize to the winner, do not ask to sponsor a
contest. Remember, when you don't send your prize it hurts YOUR reputation. It is your
responsibility, as the contest donor, to treat each contestant fairly and with respect.

PRIVACY POLICY. While we provide you with the winning contestant's mailing
information, we ask that you DO NOT spam the contestant, or put him/her on a
mailing list without first asking permission.

And Don't Forget to Spread the Word!

Please consider adding to your website the following:

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