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Do you wish you could have more editorial coverage
about your northern New England business or

It's not always easy getting press about your business.  
And trying to get Web sites and blogs to write about
who you are and what you do can be a full-time job.  

That's why we've started our
Heart-to-Heart Profiles --
a program designed to help small northern New England
businesses like you get noticed on the Web.

Heart-to-Heart Profiles offer readable content to visitors who will get to know
you and your business in a down-to-earth and interesting  Q&A article, with
photographs and links back to your site.  

Each article is customized to your business -- with relevant information that
brings you -- and your business -- to life for the reader.  

The advantage to a Heart-to-Heart Profile rather than a simple link or an ad is
that you will get content written on the Web that is all about YOU and YOUR
BUSINESS!  (And we all know how much the Internet spiders love third-party
content and links!)  

To read some of our sample
Heart-to-Heart Profiles, click HERE.

For $500 one-time fee, we send you a customized questionnaire to fill out; we
will edit for clarity (which you can review); design the Web page, add photos
(maximum of 3) and add any other links necessary for the page.  

This page will remain on The Heart of New England for as long as you wish!
There are no other fees associated with this program except any update or
changes you want to make to the page at a later date (which will cost an
additional $50 per update).  

Your profile will be listed in the "Heart-to-Heart Profiles" (accessed from the home page),
as well as the "B&B/Inns" index (accessed from the entire site) OR, if you are a northern
New England business, you will be listed on the "Made in Northern New England" index
(also accessed from the entire site). Travel-related businesses will be listed on the
appropriate state index page.  Your business will be promoted as a feature in our weekly
newsletter, and will be optimized according to any key words you wish.

The Heart of New England gets over 18,000 targeted visitors every month...this
is a niche publication and perfect for you if your business is located in Maine,
New Hampshire or Vermont!
Click here for recent visitor statistics....

Reserve your Heart-to-Heart Profile today...call Marcia at 603-357-8761 or
EMAIL us to reserve your spot.  

Please note: To have an Heart-to-Heart Profile published, your B&B/Inn or
business MUST be in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont. The business must
relate to travel to these areas and/or must be "made in" these areas
(arts/crafts/photography, etc.), and must be reputable. Sorry, but we will not
profile service businesses except those related to travel. Businesses accepted for
the Heart-to-Heart Profile program are at the discretion of the Publisher.

Are you ready to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your potential
customers? Arrange for your Heart-to-Heart Profile today!

Call or email Marcia Passos Duffy,
Publisher & Editor

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"...(The Heart of New
England) feels like a little
Yankee Magazine, but without
the paper pages
and the costly ads. But
The Heart of New England
has something Yankee lost
long ago – innocence."
Review in Seacoast NH

"..not just strictly travel
stories, but stories on
a deeper level that get at
what this area means
to people.'"
Review in NH.com


"...I just wanted to tell you
that I love The Heart of New
England, it is awesome!  
I enjoy the articles and the
recipes and the pictures....it is
full of useful information and
interesting history and things
to do andsee.  Thanks for a
great online magazine. I
LOVE IT. " ~ Leslie S.

"To me The Heart of New
England is just that...you
have turned your website into
what we all hold dear about
living in New England..."
~ Audrey E., Maine

"I love your website...the more
I read it, the more homesick I
get. " ~ Joe B., Florida.

"I stumbled across The Heart
of New England while surfing
the 'net for Maine stories and
was impressed by the amount
of information and wonderful
insights found from your
writers.  It was like talking to
my own neighbors and
swapping stories over tea."
~ Debbie from Maine
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