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New Hampshire
A New Englander, at Heart
by Marcia Passos Duffy
Publisher & Editor,
The Heart of New England

While I live in New England and am
publisher of this online magazine about
New England, I must confess I am not
a native New Englander

To be honest, the best I can say is that
my husband, daughter and I have
lived in New Hampshire since 1995.
The only true native in our family,
actually, is our second child who
was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire
in 1998.

But even my son may not make the cut: “Just because the cat gives birth in the
oven don’t make her kittens muffins,” the New England saying goes (or
something along those lines.)

Okay, okay. So we’re not natives. We’re reformed flatlanders from suburban
New York City at best.

So what makes me qualified to publish a magazine about New England life?  

Because, well, being a New Englander is really a state of mind and attitude.  
When I wake up in the morning, I feel like I belong here.  There is no place I
have felt more at home than where I am.  I'm what you would call a New
Englander at heart.

Are you? Consider this:  

… If you rather talk to your neighbor than a stranger in a chat room …

… or if you consider it top priority to get your family together for dinner every
night …

… if you’d rather walk your dog than go to a mall …

… if you yearn for a simpler world and work at simplifying your own life …

… if you are a tad more frugal and practical than most people you know…

… and,  it doesn’t hurt to love maple syrup, stacking wood piles, and contra
dancing …

... and if you can relate to the dry humor, ironic pessimism, and unnerving
common sense that is characteristic of New Englanders ...

Well … you may be a New Englander at heart too!

Enjoy this online magazine, subscribe to the free weekly
newsletter ... I've
created this for not only all you
real New Englanders born and raised, but for
those, like me, who are New Englanders in their hearts right down to the core.

About the author:
Marcia Passos Duffy is the author of Farm Stays and the publisher of The Heart
of New England.  Before moving to New Hampshire she worked in New York
City as a public relations executive for high technology and travel clients. After
escaping that high-stress life and moving to NH, she worked as the business
and feature writer at The Keene Sentinel, where she was a recipient of a New
England Press Association award for her work there.  Subscribe today to
Heart of New England!
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