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Count Your Backyard Birds for Science

To many ornithologists (people who
study birds), it is a mystery how birds
survive in urban landscapes.  

You can join hundreds of people who
are watching birds and helping scientists
understand more, by becoming a citizen
scientist right in your own back yard.  

From back yards and city streets to remote forests, anyone who counts birds
can contribute.

Citizen-science projects provide opportunities for observers of all skill levels.
The Audubon sponsored
Great Backyard Bird Count, is coming up in
February, with more than 50,000 bird enthusiasts that participate each year.

Even better, there is Audubon's newest project,
eBird which is carried out in
partnership with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  It is a continent wide,
year-round survey of North American birds: any bird, anywhere, anytime.
State-of-the-art web technology provides simple, yet powerful, ability to track
birds and share information with scientists, teachers, amateur naturalists, and
other birders.

Volunteers record bird sightings at any location at any time.  They report their
sightings directly on the internet.  Researchers believe that eBird will become
one of the most valuable archives of bird information in the world.  The eBird
project has easy-to-follow instructions describing how to
count the birds and record additional information.

Once you have submitted your data to the Lab you have succeeded as a citizen
scientist and contributed valuable data to bird conservation and population
monitoring efforts.

This fabulous project provides an enormous amount of data.  Check it out on
eBird where your bird sightings can make a difference!

It's easy -- join the fun!  People across the continent are gathering data to better
understand and conserve birds.  EVERYONE is invited to participate! No
matter your location, age, or experience they have a project just right for you.

This story provided courtesy of the Maine Department of Environmental Production.
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