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Got Snow Tires?

Most of us in New England worry about getting stuck in a snow bank or in an
accident.  This stress can be decreased and you can feel more confident in your
winter driving ability by changing to snow tires every year.

People who buy winter
tires should buy four tires, not just two. Replacing all
four tires is required for all four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive vehicles to
maintain safe handling.

Winter tires provide 25% improved traction in deep snow over all-season tires
and the traction can be substantial. It is best to mount snow tires of equal size,
and type on all four wheels. This is especially true on front wheel drive cars,
because the rear of the vehicle can lose traction while trying to slow down on
slippery surfaces much easier than a rear wheel drive.

The best traction is obtained with a true snow tire. These come in a variety of
tread patterns, some of which are very similar to an all-season tire. Traditionally
some snow tires were noisier than the all-season tire but, with today’s newer
compounds and computer enhanced tread designs, maximum
traction can be
obtained without harsh or loud noise inconveniences.

Some states have time limits on the use of studs. Before installing studded tires,
check the regulations in your area (see below).

If you use chains, make sure they are the proper size and type for your tires,
otherwise they may damage the tire sidewall and cause tire failure.

Never attempt to use studded snows only on the front-axle of an automobile, a
serious imbalance of rear traction can cause loss of driver control.

If you do find yourself stuck in a snow bank, find a friendly neighbor with
tow hitch and ask for assistance.

For more information please reference your car owners manual on winter/snow
tire use. Log on to the RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) website at for more information and downloads, on application of
winter/snow tires and studded winter/snow tires.

Local State Studded Tire Regulations

CONNECTICUT: November 15 - April 30
MAINE: October 2 - May 1
MASSACHUSETTS: November 2 - April 30
NEW HAMPSHIRE: No restrictions
NEW YORK: October 16 - April 30
RHODE ISLAND: November 15 - April 1
VERMONT: No restrictions  

Many thanks to
Tire Warehouse for this article.
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