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about The Heart of New

"...(The Heart of New
England) feels like a little
Yankee Magazine, but
without the paper pages
and the costly ads. But The
Heart of New England has
something Yankee lost
long ago – innocence."
Review in Seacoast NH

"..not just strictly travel
stories, but stories on a
deeper level that get at
what this area means to
Review in NH.com

What Subscribers are

"...I just wanted to tell you
that I love The Heart of
New England, it is
awesome!  I enjoy the
articles and the recipes and
the pictures....it is
full of useful information
and interesting history and
things to do and
see.  Thanks for a great
online magazine. I LOVE
IT. " ~
Leslie S.

"To me The Heart of New
England is just that...you
have turned your website
into what we all hold dear
about living in New
Audrey E., Maine

"I love your website...the
more I read it, the more
homesick I get. "
Joe B., Florida.

"I stumbled across The
Heart of New England
while surfing the 'net for
Maine stories and was
impressed by the amount
of information and
wonderful insights found
from your writers.  It was
like talking to my own
neighbors and swapping
stories over tea."
The Heart of New England
Celebrating the unique character & culture of Maine ~ New Hampshire ~ Vermont

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12,000 (As of January 2007)

IMPORTANT: This is niche
publication devoted solely to the
northern New England
states of Maine, New Hampshire
and Vermont – those that
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All these visitors are interested in one thing: travel to northern New England.  

This site is the perfect way to reach them.


We are a well-respected, well visited, online magazine that's been online since

We provide exclusive coverage of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. We
attract visitors through a diverse array of stories, information and unique content
about unusual things to do and see in the region.  

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Just wanted to tell you how satisfied we are with our ad.
It is so nice to have a New England web site, to advertise
our New England Lobsters on! We have had several
customers said they saw our ad on your site. Thank you

Ian and Katie Reardon
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