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While the State of New Hampshire is experiencing the same growth challenges
as other states,
many New Hampshire farmers have discovered
innovative ways of keeping their farms alive
while bringing visitors closer
to the origins of their food, flowers and farm animals.

As a result, the number of active farms has remained a constant 2,400 even
though the open acreage for farming declined 12.4% between 1997 and 20002.

So, even if it's a box of freshly-picked berries (pick-your-own strawberry
patches open in June, then blueberries and raspberries), a basket of sweet corn
(and a corn maze to explore) or a pat on the nose of a dairy cow, there's nothing
that says “summer” quite like a visit to a working New Hampshire farm or
roadside farmstand. Here are some suggestions:

For total immersion in summer on a New Hampshire farm, agritourism
pioneers Dave Adams and his family have operated the dairy farm,  
The Inn at
East Hill Farm
in Troy, NH as a farm vacation resort since the early 1950's --
before anyone coined the term. “In doing so, we have preserved the rural
landscape from development and a made a livelihood for a farm family,” said
Dave. The Inn can accommodate up to 150 family vacationers or conference
attendees, year round. Guests can milk the cow and goat, collect eggs from the
chickens, help make butter and feed the animals. Hayrides and sleigh rides
offered. Visit:
The Inn at East Hill Farm.

D Acres of New Hampshire in Dorchester, NH is an organic farm and
educational homestead located that operates a hostel for visitors who want to
learn the skills of sustainable living and small-scale organic farming. Farm
operations include forestry, gardening, administration, animal husbandry,
kitchen, alternative construction, and woodworking.
Visit: D Acres of New

Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH ( is a non-profit,
member-supported educational facility and working dairy.  Stonewall Farm is a
member of the Community Supported Agriculture network in New Hampshire,
“preserving the farming tradition in New Hampshire” through Local Harvest,
the public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local
food sources. Visit:
Stonewall Farm.

Hannah Grimes Marketplace, Inc. in Keene, NH is a non-profit
organization dedicated to creating a thriving marketplace and to helping
members build successful and sustainable businesses. Their farmers include
Flag Hill Winery in Lee, making “John Stark Vodka” using apple cider from the
Hetnar Orchard mill in Epping in addition to 6 fruit wines, 5 white wines and 5
reds from fruit from its own vineyards; and Steve Wood and his wife, Louisa
Spencer at Poverty Lane Orchards in Lebanon who grow and sell heirloom
apples with names like Ashmead’s Kernel, Pomme Grise, and Hudson’s
Golden Gem. Visit:
Hannah Grimes Marketplace.

Moulton Farm in Meredith, NH is a destination for plants, produce and fresh
baked goods. Their corn is famous and visitors also enjoy exploring the corn
maze. Moulton Farms also operates Longridge Farms and farmstand in
Meredith, preserving a farm that has operated since the early 1700's. Visit:
Moulton Farm.

Andy Howe's family operated a dairy farm in Gilford, NH and now he and his
wife Martina operate the
Beans & Greens market farmstand in an historic barn.
Beans & Greens.

The Remick Museum and Farm in Tamworth, NH sustains a rural lifestyle by
showcasing its history. The Museum and its special events -- open to the public
at no charge -- interpret 200 years of New Hampshire agricultural and domestic
history and seasonal farming practices, from haying to ice harvesting. Visit
Remick Museum and Farm.

Christy and Scott Johnson's 65-acre
Johnson's Highland View Farm in
Windham, NH was established as a dairy farm in 1884, but is now a visitor
attraction, offering vegetable crops, two greenhouses with ornamental plants,
ice cream and vegetable stands and cows, llamas, goats, sheep, ducks and
chickens to pet. Visit:
Johnson's Highland View Farm.

Spring Ledge Farm in New London, NH is a family operation owned by John
and Sue Clough for 30 years. The farm has earned “New Hampshire Farm of
Distinction” honors from the Department of Agriculture for doing ”an
outstanding job of appealing to the non-farm public.” The farm offers
ornamental plants, fresh vegetables and strawberries in season. They grow
bedding plants in thirteen greenhouses and fruits and vegetables on over
twenty-five acres of land. Visit:
Spring Ledge Farm.

Henry Ahern and Cindy Downing operate
Bonnie Brae Farms in Plymouth, NH
where they raise red deer for venison and velvet antler (a nutritional
supplement for humans and animals made from early growth antler). Visit:
Bonnie Brae Farms.

Fenella and Anthony Levick  of Monadnock Berries, support their family with a
pick-your-own blueberry farm. Visit:
Monadnock Berries.

Another pick-your-own blueberry (and raspberry) farm is located in Alstead,
Comstock Family Farm, run by Junie and Susan Esslinger,  has been in the
family since 1900.  While it is not yet certified organic, although they use
integrated pest  management and natural farming methods as often as possible.  
The farm also offers seasonal vegetables.  Visit:  
Comstock Family Farm.

Thyme & Ewe Farm in Claremont, NH “a lifelong home for rescued, abused
and unwanted farm animals,” holds events, participates in the local Farmer's
Market and travels to agricultural shows in the summer selling yarn from their
sheep, herbs, botanicals and james/jellies. Call: 603-542-1746.

Visitors should also look for New Hampshire's own farm products on the
shelves of local supermarkets and on restaurant menus:

Pete and Jerry’s Organic Eggs from Monroe, NH

Hatchland Dairy in North Haverhill, NH who brought back glass-bottled milk

Goat cheese from Cold Moon Springs Creamery in Jefferson , NH and Heart
Song Farm in Gilmanton Iron Works.

New England Anemones from Epsom, NH (which grows and sells 300,000
flowers a year)

Salad greens and eggs from free range chickens at the Claremont Farmers
Market and
Granny's Garden from Cindy Porter's farm in Claremont.

Goatmilk soap from
Happy Critters Farm in Pittsfield, NH

And of course, New Hampshire maple sugar, syrup and other creations.
New Hampshire Maple Producers Association has details, location maps and
links to its members open year-round.

Get a free New Hampshire Guidebook  calling 1-800-FUN-IN-NH, ext. 100.
NH Agriculture for both the ”NH Farm Stand” and “NH Farmers
Markets” directories of places open all over the state, all summer.
Stonewall Farm, Keene NH, Photo by Jodi Forcier
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