Travels with Bufford
Lisbon, NH

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New Hampshire
Travels with Bufford: Dinos, Gold & Scarecrows in Lisbon, New Hampshire

By Bufford

Hi.  My name’s Bufford and I travel around New Hampshire seeing things and
meeting people with my wife Beatrice.  We get around in our Homer...that's our
homer ‘way from home motor home.   

We just came back from visiting a little town way up in the White Mountains just
a short ways off I 93 and down 302.  There you'll find a town of Lisbon, and
there's lots to see and running into dinosaurs, panning for gold, and
getting friendly with scarecrows in a cornfield at night.

We brought along our Homer and
stayed for a few nights at the
Lisbon/Littleton KOA where there’s
great people and great camping.
We couldn’t miss the sign right there
on the side of the road, all big
and yellow so we pulled right
in and checked in. We were greeted
by camp hosts Steve and Jane Jesseman.
They was both happy and smiling
just like most folks we meet and
Steve wanted my hat but I wouldn’t
let him have it. But Steve and Jane
was just tickled to have the Beatrice
take a picture of me and them.

The campground is right on the beautiful Ammonoosuc River, It’s a nice, clean
and quiet campground and from there you can get to lots of place in New
Hampshire and Vermont and it’s a great place for families. There’s miniature
golf, fishing in the river, a heated pool and a hot tub all right there at the
campground too. Sometimes they have special things going on like ice cream
socials, haunted houses, and Christmas in July.

After we got our campsite me and the Beatrice was off looking for stuff to see and
do. We drove up into the hills and found a place to go fishing. It was a beautiful
small lake with no one else around so we drowned a few worms, caught a few
fish and lost a few but let the ones go that we caught. The roads through the hills
around Lisbon are full of beautiful sights, rivers and streams, mountain views
and all sorts of stuff, you might even see a moose!

We drove on some and ended up in Bath which is also on 302, and followed the
Wild Ammonoosuc River upstream to the Swiftwater covered bridge. There’s a
waterfall under the bridge and a swimming hole at the bottom of the waterfall. It’
s a great place to take the family. Along the river road are lots of places where
you can stop and eat your lunch or catch a brook trout if you’re lucky. I caught a
few fish and let them go so you can catch them after you read this and go there

Now’s there something else about the Wild Ammonoosuc
River and that’s that some folks like to go gold panning there,
yup, there’s gold in them thar hills! I tried it and didn’t find
any but I had fun just trying. You can get gold panning
supplies at the Twin River campground store at in Bath.
If you’re going to the Wild Ammonoosuc River from Bath
then turn into the hills at the Twin River campground.

We also saw a sign on the side of the road for a corn maze
and the sign said Flashlight Maze Tonight. It sounded like
lots of fun so we decided to go when it got dark. Turns out
that the maze is the Locke Family Corn Maze and it’s the home of the six secret
scarecrows and its run by RJ Locke and his brother Nathan and sister Samantha.
That’s right, the kids run the place and Dad just mows the grass.
About the time it got dark we headed out from the campground where we’d
eaten dinner and rest up some from a busy day of seeing and doing thing. We
drove down along the river on route 302 and turned in at the sign which is right
where a bridge crosses the Ammonoosuc River and then followed the river road
for about a mile until we got there. RJ Locke was in the booth and sold us our
tickets. He let me get a picture with him and told us there’s six scarecrows in the
maze and if we can find all six and bring back their names then we get a prize. So
off we went into the corn maze with our flashlights. We got lost and confused and
ended up walking through the same paths a few times. The corn was taller than
me and one stalk sort of looks just like the last one. Sometimes you take a turn
and think you’ll find something and it’s a dead end and sometimes you’ll find a
scarecrow. We finally found all the scarecrows but it wasn’t easy but it was lots of
fun. Now there’s something about the scarecrow finding thing, it’s not easy and
one is just downright hard to find but to find it you have to stay close to home
and think outside the box sort of. That’s a hint from your buddy Bufford.

We brought the scarecrow names to RJ and got our prizes. What were they? Well,
you’ll just have to get your own. RJ told us some more things about the maze like
you can go in the daytime but RJ says the Flashlight Maze is his favorite and he
likes the Haunted Maze of Terror in October too.

Now they like groups to come and visit so call them at 603-838-5917 if you’d like
to take your group. Tell them Bufford sent you.

After a great day of doing stuff in the Lisbon area we went back to the
campground and sat around the campfire until it was time for us to turn in. When
we got in bed the Beatrice asked me if I’d seen a dinosaur today. I said I thought I
had but didn’t want to say anything lest she was to think I wasn’t quite right or
something but there must have been one ‘cause she saw it too.

The next morning we went looking across from the campground and there it was,
big and grey but it wasn’t real cause all the real dinosaurs are gone. So we went
over and I asked the Beatrice to take a picture of me with the fake dinosaur,
which she did. I tried to look scared but I really wasn’t.

If you need to buy stuff when you visit Lisbon you can go to Littleton where
there’s a Wal-Mart, which is good because that’s where I buy my overalls, and
some grocery store and restaurants and it’s all just a short ways up the road.

You can buy gas and fishing bait and other stuff at the Irving station in Lisbon
and there’s an art gallery right next to the bank. They also have a pizza place, and
you know everyone loves pizza. If you should walk around the town be sure to
go over the bridge that crosses the Ammonoosuc River. Me and the Beatrice was
there early in the morning when everything was all still all foggy and we watched
a muskrat running all over the dam and rocks below. It was fun to watch the
critter but I can’t promise he’ll be there when you go.
So that’s our trip to Lisbon, another great place to visit in New Hampshire. So
slow down and visit Lisbon, you’ll have a great time.

About Bufford:

Bufford (who is fast becoming a New Hampshire icon) likes to take pictures and
write stories about his adventures traveling around New Hampshire in his
Homer.  If you spot him while visiting  New Hampshire (and you can’t miss
him!), make sure you say hello.  And you can always write to him at (he loves fan mail).

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Bufford with KOA camp hosts Steve and Jane Jesseman
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