Authentic New England Recipes                           

Skillet Cranberries
(Adapted from the “Thirteen Colonies Cookbook”)

Serves 4-6

“Arrived at Dr. Tufts where I found a fine Wild Goose on the
Spit and Cranberries in the Skillet for Dinner” – John Adams,
April 8, 1767

1 pound fresh cranberries
2 cups brown sugar
¼ cup brandy or rum

Spread 1 pound of fresh cranberries in an iron skillet.  Sprinkle the sugar over
them, cover the skillet (with foil), and place in a warm oven 250 degrees F for 1
hour.  Remove the foil and pour ¼ cup brandy or rum.  Continue cooking and
do not stir since this breaks up the cranberries.  Continue cooking until rum or
brandy evaporates.  

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