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My title page contents
Crispy Onion Rings ... Baked, Not Fried!
Not only are these ultimately crispy, but
I couldn't think of a better way to make
these tasty treats good for you. These
are no-fail without the deep-frying guilt  
usually associated when enjoying
something so delicious.

Forcing Branches into Early Bloom
While "spring" may have officially
arrived we all know the reality of
living in northern New England:
it’s not really the spring season yet.  While we can already see stirrings of daffodils peaking up
out of the ground, we’re still weeks away from those true harbingers of warmer weather –-
apple blossoms, forsythia, lilacs.  But, don’t despair.  You can easily “force” branches of your
favorite bloom inside your house –- and brighten your rooms (and mood) considerably.

Maple Sugar, New England's Liquid Gold
What "liquid gold" and "Texas tea" are to oil, New England's "liquid gold" is to maple syrup.
And depending on whom you ask, one of three states makes the best syrup in the U.S.:
Vermont; New Hampshire and Maine. While the quality is arguable, quantity isn't. Vermont is
the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States.

A Guide to Vermont's Microbreweries
One of Vermont’s most important industries is the sale of artisan foods, novelty items and
fancy foods.  Among these is microbreweries—in fact, the state ranks first in all the U.S. for craft
breweries per capita.  

A Guide to New Hampshire's Antique Alley
Antique Alley in New Hampshire is the oldest antiques shopping district in all of New
England. Antique Alley brings together more than 500 antique dealers and collectors from
across the U.S. and overseas to the heart of New England for a great shopping experience.

Why Stay INN Maine?
One of Maine's greatest and often overlooked features is the Inns and B&B's that exist
everywhere. No matter what part of Maine you visit, you will find the inn or B&B the best way
to go.

Mt. Washington Hiking Safety Tips
Every year, unprepared hikers from the summit of Mt. Washington are rescued -- which serves
as a sobering reminder of the importance of refreshing yourself on safe hiking principles before
heading out on the trail this time of year.

Acadian Heritage, Preserved
The Acadians were farmers and like other colonists were a resourceful group who developed
skills for survival and comfort including weaving, blacksmithing and shoe making.

Tuftonboro General Store: Where New England's Traditional Sense of Community Thrives
It's 6 a.m. and barely light outside.  Inside, the early crowd -- a mixture of drop-ins and stay-
awhiles -- have filled the table in the Tuftonboro General Store.  There will be another crowd at
7 a.m. but these early stalwarts come from as far away as Moultonboro to claim seats at the
day's chat.

Lake Winnipesaukee: New Hampshire’s Playground
Lake Winnipesaukee nestles in the foothills of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It is
the state's largest body of water and one of the deepest. Centered in the popular vacation area
known as the Lakes Region it provides four-season pleasure for millions every year.

The Berry Manor, Rockland, Maine: A Romantic Inn in a Class by Itself
The Berry Manor is a place for romance. If not with a spouse or partner, you can romance the
spirit of your solo soul in this stately old mansion.

Five "Can't Miss" Attractions in Bethel, Maine
If you are wondering what we did for fun in this tiny Maine town, read on. There are (at least)
five “can’t miss” attractions while staying in this quintessential New England village. Ranging
from gem sluicing, canoeing, hiking and more!

When in Vermont, Don't Miss the Norman Rockwell Museum in Rutland
The Norman Rockwell Museum of Rutland, Vermont, houses a nationally recognized
collection of Norman Rockwell's art and commemorates Norman Rockwell's Vermont years
and the entire span and diversity of his career (1911-1978).

Moose on the Loose
There are approximately 40,000 moose living in northern New England. While it is
always an awesome sight to see moose, they are extremely hazardous if they happen to lumber
onto the highway onto the path of your oncoming vehicle. Here are some driving safety tips
when visiting moose country in northern New England.

"Must See" Attractions in Northern New England
Looking for a few “can’t miss” attractions in northern New England? Here are some top picks
for Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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